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My students are my best references. See many below. More by request.

Dr David Quirke Physician, Chiropractor, Back Pain Specialist at Pacific Coast Rehab.#301-1111 Lonsdale, North Vancouver, V7M 2H4, 604-990-0008. He has referred many of his patients to me and will speak as a reference for me.

March 2015 testimonials


I was in Patricia's first North Shore Rec Centre Pilates class in August 2000 and have been attending ever since due to the benefits - improved core muscle strength, posture, flexibility and body alignment.  Patricia is a first rate instructor who works with her students - correcting form and technique in class and often offering helpful advice and one-on-one instruction outside of class - to help each one optimize the benefits from the class.  Many students have been guided onto a path of improved fitness and health thanks to Patricia's student-centered instruction and friendly, knowledgeable counsel.  ~Marilyn


I have been taking Patricia Blanchard’s Small Ball and Pilates courses for almost the past year on an ongoing basis.  Two different friends/acquaintances happen to recommend Patricia within a few months of each other, so I followed up as I find personal word-of-mouth recommendations are the best kind!

I had been taking pilates (reformer) for several months and was ready to start mat classes.  I consulted with Patricia to explain my health status and history – recent herniated disc in which I narrowly avoided surgery thanks to 2-plus years of intense chiropractor, acupuncture, physiotherapy and pilates therapies, mild/moderate scoliosis, and a long history of various sports activities (including many sports-related injuries). 

Patricia was absolutely certain she could help reduce my pain and improve/strengthen various body parts.  And she was right.  Amazingly, she is able to remember each participant’s issues/areas of concern/pain and work with them in the context of a whole class.  She is a fountain of knowledge and is genuinely interested in the overall health and well-being of each of us.

Her classes are a bargain (believe you me, I have literally spent thousands of dollars on my rehab), and the flexibility to attend “make up” classes is a bonus.  I have since recommended Patricia’s classes to several friends and colleagues who have had similar positive experiences with her classes, and I know they have recommended her to others too.  I am hoping to purchase a life membership to her classes!!


I started a new job fourteen years ago. Within months I started having pain in my shoulder and lower back. The problems progressed. The pain in my shoulder was constant. In addition it was stiffening and my range of motion was reduced. The pain in my back was intermittent but severe. 

I started Pilates class with Patricia and noticed improvement in a very short time. Within months the pain was completely gone. In addition, I was more flexible and had more energy. My general fitness was improved.   Over ten years have passed since I started class and, except for times when I have had to take an extended absence, the pain has been banished.  Thanks to Patricia I am able to do my job, without limitations.


I have been attending Patricia’s pilates classes for more than ten years, twice a week. I find that if I miss class for more than a week I develop significant pain in my back, hip and shoulders. I have attended other pilates classes, but they were not as effective. I will continue to attend Patricia’s classes as long as they are offered.



I have been coming to Patricia Blanchard's pilates classes at Harry Jerome Rec Centre for about ten years now. Patricia has helped me so much that I plan my calendar so that I can go to her classes once or twice a week.

When I first started going to her pilates classes, I was trying to recover from injuries to my knees, wrists, and elbows. I came to trust her direction and to build my strength and agility, even after I fell from my bike and fractured my pelvis. Her class is the only one I have confidence will continue to help me maintain and build on my fitness as I get older. I know that she is always watching to make sure everyone maintains the proper form to prevent injuries and to get the most benefit from each exercise.

I appreciate how Patricia helps me to adapt pilates exercises to protect injured areas, like my knees and wrists. I feel that her classes prevent me from having the recurring lower back and neck problems I used to have. Patricia also shows me how to continue to challenge myself at Pilates and to get stronger, fitter, and better after ten years of going to her classes.

Patricia Blanchard's Pilates classes are a real asset to the NV Rec Centre and they are the main reason I continue to use the facilities.


I was referred to Pilates Naturally by my doctor who had been treating me for spinal disc problems.  Since coming to Pilates with Patricia, I have found that my back pain is almost non-existent.  I was in a back bend in my first few classes; but now after just a short few weeks, I can do the moves easily and without pain.  I credit Patricia and Pilates Naturally for this amazing transformation!


I have been attending Pilates classes with Pilates Naturally since Spring 2012. Patricia’s instructions and guidance have helped me reach a level of body and core strength I was lacking. According to my health care professionals, my back injuries due to a motor vehicle accident (March 2014 – my vehicle was rear ended) were largely mitigated by my practice of Pilates and my fitness state at the time. The exercises have helped me strengthen my legs in the knee area, thus postponing indefinitely a dreaded surgery on the meniscus of my right leg.

I work at a computer. The support provided by my weekly classes has considerably helped my posture and my general state of health in the environment I’m working in.

Lastly, I would like to note that Patricia’s teaching style allows for each individual’s abilities and rhythm, thus removing pressure or discouragement, and keeping the class enjoyable. The exercises Patricia selects for her classes are well tailored to the level of abilities of the group and she knows when we are ready for a new challenge and adapt.  I sincerely hope to be able to continue with Patricia’s teaching.

Samantha March 2015

I’ve been taking pilates with Patricia for two years and in that time have experienced amazing results! As a trail runner I need core strength and flexibility to maintain my training without injury; attending pilates twice a week has allowed me to increase my training volume, improve on my race times and generally feel stronger and more flexible. I have tried other pilates classes and instructors in the past, but prefer Patricia’s instruction over my past experiences. Her attention to detail, individual attention to each student and understanding of the practice is an invaluable part of my life and training. 

Samantha January 2015

I have been an avid hiker, mountain biker, and general outdoor enthusiast for my entire adult life. However, the one sport that I have always truly wanted to succeed at was running; specifically long distance trail running. Over the years I have made many attempts to increase my distances and my speed only to be met with frustration because of persistent injuries. Since beginning Pilates training with Patricia I have experienced the success that always eluded me. After one year of attending classes once or twice per week I successfully completed a 50km trail race finishing in the middle of the pack. This was my fourth trail race of the year, the first three being 25km distances.  I had managed to maintain a schedule of running 50-80 km per week.  I had only two short breaks for injuries resulting from over use. I just can’t say enough about the benefits of this discipline; bio-mechanically my body functions better, I feel better, more limber and stronger. My balance is superb and movement in general feels very fluid and effortless. At 40 years old, I feel I am in better physical condition than ever before and I attribute this largely to the professional knowledge and classes that Pilates Naturally offers. Best of all I am now officially the runner I always hoped to be. Thanks so much, Patricia!


 I've been taking Pilates for three years with Patricia. I'm taking it to strengthen my core and increase my range of motion. Patricia has helped me with my hip and leg tightness. Thankfully, she suggested I see a back and neck specialist.  I've done that and my leg and hip area are now pain free and my range of motion has increased.



I have been going to Patricia's Pilates & small ball class for 3.5 year.  Patricia is amazing and an exceptionally knowledgeable instructor.  I have several complicated issues from a car accident.  Patricia has helped me both in and outside of class.  When I am in a muddle I email Patric1a and she is always there to help me with extra exercises to do at work to help improve my mobility.

I have no hesitation in recommending Patricia.  I will follow her wherever she goes.


I have been attending Patricia’s classes one or two times a week for over one year. I have the utmost respect for her knowledge and talent.  Her manner is very cheerful and courteous. Her approach is very friendly, but respectful.  Her classes run smoothly with a great deal of focus and patience, which demonstrates a clear reflection of her experience as an instructor.

A particularly impressive quality of Patricia’s instruction is the individual attention and support she gives to each of his students. She observes each student and provides appropriate corrections as needed. This has been invaluable to me, as a beginner Pilates practitioner. 

Her absolute dedication and incredible knowledge in her field that has set her apart from any other teacher I worked with in the past.


"I can't say enough good things about the benefits of Pilates and Small Ball and I wish I had found these classes earlier! Both Patricia and Jana are natural teachers. Besides making you feel welcome, they create a very positive, caring and relaxed atmosphere in their classes without sacrificing the necessary instruction. I look forward to attending Pilates Naturally classes in the months and years to come."



I have religiously participated in your Pilates classes for about the last 7 years.   I generally attend the classes once or twice a week and have certainly found them extremely beneficial in continuing to provide me with strength, balance and flexibility.  You clearly have in-depth knowledge of the body in all its parts as well as the appropriate medical terminology, and have recommended some very specific experts in the areas of chiro, physio and RMTs to all class attendees.



As a landscaper, I need to keep fit and I find Patricia's Pilates class the best thing to maintain my flexibility and strength. There are certain muscles that tighten up after a day at work and Patricia is very good at noticing where I have been putting my body under stress and will highlight de-stressing moves for me in class. She also runs a Small Ball class that I am a huge fan of. I did the Sun Run one year after insufficient training-I did a Small Ball session the night before, ran a personal best, and after another 1/2hr on my legs, had no stiffness at all.

I highly recommend Patricia's Pilates and Small Ball classes for keeping me fit and flexible into middle age! “



I moved to Patricia’s class because I have heard that her classes are really good. It turns out to be true. She immediately was able to see what I was doing wrong and she corrected my posture during exercises. I have been going to her class for more than 4 years and I never had one injury during the Pilates class: no pains, pulled muscles or inflammations of any kind. I enjoy the classes very much and I cannot even think to go to any other instructor. 

Thank you, Patricia


I have gone to Pilates with Patricia for approx. 12 years, I followed her from Golds Gym.  I have tried other Pilates instructors but Patricia is just better at what she does.   I have not been able to attend as regularly as I had due to the change in her scheduled times, but I still prefer Patricia as an instructor when I can attend.


Mary age 64

Four years ago, my chiropractor recommended Patricia and regular Pilates practice for chronic low back issues.  She was able to spot the problems immediately and helped me focus my exercise properly.  Both have been a godsend and I’m much stronger and more resilient than I have been in a long time.  As a result I’m spending more time with Patricia and less time with my chiropractor.   Plus, my clothes look so much better on me!



I wanted to say how much I value my Pilates classes with you.  I have been attending twice a week for more than 10 years and I hope to do at least 10 more.  Because of the Pilates exercises, I feel fitter at 68 that I did at 58.  Keep up the great work.


I wanted to let you know that I think Pilates is really helping my chronic hip issue which has been plaguing me on and off for almost 8 years!  It was time for me to try out a more active therapy and take my recovery into my own hands, and Pilates has totally done that!! It is really helping my running-I recovered really well after my marathon last week, not always typical for me!!! I really think it is helping me.   I love that I'm an active participant in my own rehab!!!

Linda  January 2015

You are helping a lot……I was rear ended by a drunk driver going 70 in an enormous truck Sept 3/11.  Dec. 17/11 I had emergency surgery for a perforated bowel barely making it through, was in hospital for 3 weeks and had to sport a colostomy bag until the end of May/12 when I had a second surgery to remove the bag and be reconnected! (very lucky).  So, from early Sept/11 to the present time I’ve been worked on by several physiotherapists and massage therapists.  In March/13 it was determined that my jaw was causing the majority of the problems and have had good results from the physio I was sent to.   This is my story in a nut shell.  I have to tell you that your methods are giving me more relief than I’ve had from anyone so far! 


Linda Joy  2015

I found Patricia Blanchard’s Pilates and Small Ball Release classes after suffering from a car accident followed by two major surgeries for two and a half years.  During this time I was working with many different physiotherapists, massage therapists and a personal trainer.  Nothing they did afforded relieve that lasted more than a few days.  I had an Independent Medical Examination in March of 2014 as part of my preparation for the legal matters with ICBC and was told at that time I have less than 5% chance of recovering.  I was fortunate to hear of Patricia’s classes and started with Patricia in her small ball release class and began to find relief immediately.  I then joined her Pilates classes and things just kept getting better.  Because of the length of wasted time before finding her I still have quite a ways to go but the steady relief I’ve been experiencing is nothing short of miraculous.  I hope that Patricia doesn’t stop running these fantastic classes.  From what I understand I have very little chance to find anyone else as caring and thoughtful as she is.


I am happy to recommend Patricia Blanchard as a Pilates instructor.  I was encouraged to attend Pilates classes by my physiotherapist.

As an instructor, Patricia explains why we are doing a particular exercise, and most importantly, checks each student to ensure that the movements are within the individual's capabilities.  If not, she adjusts the exercise accordingly.  She doesn't just sit/stand at the front of the class as many instructors do and expect the class to copy her movements.  She has a passion for Pilates and maintaining good health and shares that passion with her students.  I have felt so much better from attending her classes.



I have had serious back, hip and shoulder pain for almost the last year after a car accident and previous other injuries from sports.   I was slowly making progress with Physiotherapy, Message, Chiropractor and other professionals but my pain sitting, standing and doing daily activities were still bad.  Small Ball Release and Pilates with Patricia have really helped me reduce my overall stiffness, pain and muscle tightness especially in the legs, back, neck and shoulders.  This has allowed me to show much improvement in only four months.  Many times there are many more issues and stiff parts that you would even know you have. The wide variety of Pilates exercises and Small Ball Release points Patricia instructs along with all the warning of ways you can aggravate your neck, back and shoulders have really helped me.  I strongly recommend anyone with back and other pain issues to get help through Patricia's classes and get back to a pain free life.  I will continue attending her classes until this happens for me.



Patricia is an excellent and very knowledgeable instructor.  She provides explanations for all the exercises, has a very gentle but persuasive manner, and progresses each class at just the right pace for all the students.  Patricia demonstrates a sincere interest in the progress of all class participants and takes the time within each class to work with students who have special needs due to injury, etc. but does so without any disruption to the class as a whole.  I always look forward to Patricia’s classes, and if I was asked to rate Patricia as an instructor, I would give her a score of at least 9/10. 



I broke my back in 6 places (and compressed several neck vertebrae) when I was younger, and as a result I have to keep my core muscles strong in the injured areas. Patricia has been amazing in helping me target areas to strengthen the muscles and has been a wealth of knowledge re proper form and how it affects my body. I have to do several workouts a week and need to do as much Pilates as possible, as without the stretching and core strengthening I have trouble moving and getting out of bed each morning... She is truly a wonderful teacher!



Really appreciate your support and feedback.  I have made steady progress in the year I have been taking classes with your knowledgeable, patient and encouraging instruction.  I am confident that I will make more significant changes to achieve my health and fitness goals. 



I started taking your Pilates in 2008. At that time, I was unable to do many of the exercises. I did not have the flexibility or the strength to do the exercises.  Over the years, the exercises we do have improved my muscle tone.  Especially as one ages, flexibility, strength and balance are important to maintain a healthy older body.  I hope to continue with Pilates in the years to come.



I started Pilates in 2006.  I have attended Small Ball Release, stretch and flexibility classes, and am currently in Pilates Level 2 all taught by Patricia. 

Patricia is consistently patient, positive and an encouraging leader/teacher to the participants in the class. She assists participants to optimize their workout with advice and encouragement, and is quick to tell us when we have done well. She is particularly adept and flexible in adapting moves to individuals with particular strengths or weaknesses.  In 2006 I had posture problems, was inflexible and got tired and sore very quickly during exercises. I now stand straighter, I walk fluidity and strength, my back is more flexible and stronger, my arms move naturally as I walk, (they didn’t before), and I can shoulder check when I change lanes while driving with ease. Now I can bend down and pick it things from the floor. 

Patricia has me as long as she teaches Pilates because I still remember what it was like for me before. Many times I have recommended Pilates Naturally to friends and acquaintances.


I just wanted you to know that Pilates has done wonders for my back, hips and overall posture.  I come twice a week because I really need it.  I sit most of the day at my job and my lower back really suffers from that. Your class has helped me so much. I no longer have to go to the chiropractor which was a very expensive treatment that never really worked. I feel amazing when the hour us up. You get us to do the right stretches for my sore areas.

Thank you and please don't leave!!


My body is a wreck; this class makes me feel like new!

All my moving parts go from being seized up, to feeling loose and fluid.

Like an old car, that just had an oil change!

Thanks a million, so happy.


In the past weeks I have been meaning to tell you how much your Pilates classes have meant to me and my body.

Before I took your class I could barely move in the morning as I have arthritis in my spine as well as degenerative disc disease. When I wanted to put on socks or tie the laces on my running shoes I simply couldn't. The pain was too severe. To put on socks I would lay back on the bed and carefully, carefully put a sock on each foot. Doing up the laces on my shoes had to wait for an hour or so. Now, however I am pain free.  I cannot thank you or the Pilates I am taking enough.

I want to thank you and to mention how much I appreciate your flexibility when I am unable to attend a class. You just move me to another class of the same type or even to a Small Ball class. You have even managed to find room for me on a drop-in basis when I arrive in the middle of a session after I have been on vacation.  You have helped me more than you know. I am even more flexible (IMHO) and can now move my body into positions that would have been unthinkable a year or so ago. 

So, thank you, Patricia.



I have been attending Patricia’s Pilates and small ball release classes continuously for over 4 years.  An enjoyable exercise class has as much to do with the instructor as with the program.   I try instructors based on personal referrals.  My referrals for Patricia came from my family doctor and my brother, who have both attended her classes.  Patricia’s instructions are clear and concise.  She observes all of the participants throughout each class and provides encouragement, correction and praise in a friendly, professional manner.  When one of her students has a personal injury situation, she provides individual attention and instruction without it detracting from the class.  She adapts to everyone’s situation and ability.  The age range of the students in my current level 2 class indicates that Patricia appeals to a wide variety of people and she also provides a welcoming atmosphere for new participants.



I have been going to Patricia’s Pilates class for 10 years.  I initially started when I injured my lower back at work. Her classes have strengthened my abs and my back muscles so I am mostly pain free now. When I miss classes for any reason I have problems again. I can't imagine how I would cope without her!



I just wanted to let you know how awesome your Pilates classes are.

It helped me to get back in shape after my shoulder injury and overcome my stiffness.

I always look forward to my Monday and Wednesday classes Please keep doing what you doing, It works.  It's great!!!



Jana was my first ever Pilates teacher and I found her to be very positive, warm, knowledgeable teacher and always had a smile on her face.  Jana taught me the fundamentals of palates in a competent, open way that I could work with and immediately apply to my body to make changes. Jana is committed to making me work as deeply as I possibly can in each class. In Jana's class I learned the reason behind doing the exercises and had positive feed back in exercising safely and effectively.  As well, having a different body structure (person with dwarfism) than average and having a disability (chronic lower back pain as a result of past surgeries), Jana went the extra mile with me in helping me learn the exercises and adapt to exercises/stretches that were harder to do.  I will be taking another palates course at the rec-center in the future and I will definitely sign up for another Jana's palates class!  She's the best!!!!


I wanted to let you know that even though I have only been to 7 classes, I can already feel a difference. As you know, I have been suffering in pain since my car accident over 2 years ago and I have been for massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic and osteopath therapy countless time. I was giving up hope as nothing seemed to help, until I found your Pilates class. I am starting to feel the pain gradually dissipate and I will continue with your classes in the hope this continues. My core is feeling much stronger and my pain is much less.

 Thank you very much Patricia!



Hi Patricia. Just want to say a big thank you for your extra care and attention when I returned to class with a sprained ankle. I had no worries coming to the class as I have full trust and faith in you to know what is and is not best for me. Your ability to care for everyone’s individual needs is amazing, to say the least. I so appreciate all your expertise and I now have two friends attending your classes and they feel the same way.

As a nurse this is very important to me. Thanks again and look forward to class.


Testimonials 2013/2014


About the Small Ball class and self myofascial release techniques:

I have been astounded at the level of relief that can be achieved immediately with the techniques that you have taught us.  Driving home after the first session I suddenly realized  that for the first time in 3 years I had  no discomfort in my legs. Similarly the day we worked on the arms and chest was the first time in 5 years that I had full range of movement in my arms with out severe pain.  Every time I apply the techniques that you have taught, I feel relief from what many different types of medical practioners have told me is just part of aging. I am using the 
techniques regularly and am beginning to feel some longer lasting benefits.  Also having a strong biology background, I do appreciate how you "teach" the group about the muscle directions and connections-  it all makes sense.


The small ball at home exercises really work.  I had a tension headache and back pain.  After one hour doing the small ball at home exercises in the blue book you sold me the headache and pain were gone. 
 This saved my day, so thank you and bless you!


As I mentioned on Saturday Patricia, I am absolutely loving my Pilates classes with Tammy.  In just 4 weeks Tammy has somehow managed to coax me into a level of fitness that I didn't expect so soon.  Tammy is sweet yet ensures that the exercises are being done and being done correctly.  I gave you my two success stories - putting on my socks while standing, and not wobbling or falling over, and my other was that I found when I was hiking that my legs were moving out of the hip joint and the upper body was floating along.  No longer do I have to heave my whole body around just to get my legs going.  I'll be in Level 1 for the rest of the summer, and expect I will see you in Level 2 in the Fall.  Cheers.


I still find it a miracle that Dr. Quirke launched me into the Pilates direction. - I believe the findings (recent medical tests) will all relate back to my scoliosis. That means that I will have to keep up Pilates for as long as I can.

Wanted to let you know after our Small Ball class today my back seems soooo much better can't believe it.  Shoulders etc. too....  Even tho we weren't concentrating on the back.  At least I didn't think so... Anyway feels great.  Even though some of what we do hurts at first in the end it feels great.   Like it when you explain everything.  That helps a lot... look forward to next week small ball besides Pilates.  Going to try some of what we did today at home and see what happens!!!!!


When I first started Pilates, I had been in constant lower back pain for five months.  It hurt to stand and it hurt to sit, it changed how long I could work and worst of all it changed the kind of mother I was to my little kids.  The doctors had no solutions other than pain relievers and putting me on an MRI waiting list (which I still have not even gotten an appointment for!).  I was wondering if I would end up living with pain forever.

With the encouragement of my awesome chiropractor, I tried pilates.  First one day a week, then after a month, twice a week and slowly my back began to feel better.  I also tried the small ball release class which was great for helping massage sore areas at home without having to make yet another appointment.

After about three months, lots of seemingly insignificant tips from Patricia and Tammy like, “you have tight hip flexors” and working on those areas, I completely resolved my back pain.

Now, six months later, I feel great and have virtually no back pain at all.  I go twice a week to a Pilates class, use the small ball at home and see the chiropractor once a month.

I have my mobility back and am so excited that I can get back to cycling and swimming.  But best of all, I can be the kind of mom I want to be again.

Thanks Patricia and Tammy!


I wanted to take a few moments to let you know how much Pilates has improved my life and well-being.

I started with you five years ago after having just quit smoking and finding out I had bone density loss. I was looking for something to build bone density and "tone up". As an equestrian, I had also heard that pilates would help me become stronger.

Since then, my fitness and condition has improved immeasurably. My back and core are very strong, which has helped my riding so much that my trainer has recommended pilates to her other clients. I feel and look great - which of course contributes to my general well-being in an amazing way.

Thank you for making pilates so accessible and safe, functional and beneficial. I really appreciate the way you connect with your students and take care to make sure we get the maximum benefit from our class time.


I do have a ball and taking your ball classes was best thing for me. It has given me the ability to relieve my pain at home by myself. I have found it more effective than physio, acupuncture and massage – I still like chiro but only every two weeks now. It really is self help!


Oh and I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I absolutely LOVE Pilates, I have never founda form of exercise that I like until I signed up for your classes; I look forward to each class and when we have a break between the sessions I feel like im missing something in my routine , I don’t feel right and want to go to class so badly lol . I want to be an amazing teacher like you one day, you’re absolutely awesome! I feel so much better about myself and my body
Cheryl Having never taken pilates before, I did not know what to expect. I would like to tell you that the classes have surpassed my expectations. You are very knowledgeable and I feel that I am doing these new exercises safely which is huge for me with all the injuries (multiple at that!) I have had in several car accidents over the years. I have done yoga before but found that my posture was not strong enough to do certain positions properly.

Now that I am finally waking those tiny little muscles up, the exercises that I thought were easy at the beginning (because I wasn’t using the correct muscle groups!) are now helping me and it is like doing them again for the first time but with the ‘little guys’ as you call them.

Thank you for the encouragement as I have been very deflated with the weight I have put on and with how out of shape I have become from never recovering properly. I am on a mission now to be back to a great shape by the time I reach 40 – Dec 2011!


I've slept better these last two weeks than I have in a long time. I'm a convert to the Sm. Ball. When possible I'll try to make the class.


Just wanted to let you know that after only 3 classes I have noticed a huge difference in my back and posture. I feel elongated! Last night I really felt my muscles.


I am recovering well from my last surgery and looking forward to getting back to pilates as soon as I get the go ahead from my doc. BTW, I am so thankful to you and pilates for helping me strengthen my core; I had a much easier time getting myself up and down and in and out of bed without the use of my pecs than after my previous surgery!


This e-mail is long overdue. I don't know if you will remember me. I attended your workshop on our Pro D Day in February. I was speaking with you in the parking lot as we were leaving and you asked what I thought of the session. I said how much I enjoyed it and how impressed I was with the benefits of those simple workouts. What I wanted to share with you was that in the morning I attended the guest speakers session and also his breakout session. It dealt with some intense subject matters that hit a nerve with me. I actually had to leave the gym as I broke down a bit. It took me quite some time to calm down, and what I wanted to let you know is that attending your class and the calming manner in which you taught it had such a positive effect on me and made me feel so much better, it was definitley a de-stress experience.

Thanks so much again.


Yes, tremendous benefits. When I started Pilates, I was on the waiting list for a referral to the Continence Clinic at Women's Hospital. By the time I was called to attend, I no longer needed the service so I cancelled. Pilates "fixed" that for me, but I expect it could return if I discontinue Pilates.


Since I've been taking Pilate classes with you (this being my third year which I can't believe already) I feel soooo much stronger, my neck is so much better and overall just feel great. You make the classes FUN. Explaining the different moves etc. helps me a lot too. I'm glad that my friend asked me to join with her. Thanks, you're terrific.


I missed yesterday's class so didn't get a chance to thank you. I was in your Tuesday 10 am class and found it to be as wonderful as the first time I took it a few years ago. It really helps my back and I really appreciate that you take the time to ensure we are doing the moves correctly. I've done physio, massage therapy, acupuncture and have had manipulation to try and help my chronic back issue but I've noticed the most change when I focus on pilates. Thanks again.


When I arrived from Paris 6 months ago, I didn't know anything with Pilates, now I love and I can see the difference on my body !!! I have got a baby 9 months old now, so thanks a lot Pilates Naturally.


I just wanted to give you a little feedback on the class I attended last Monday. I thought it was great –covered a lot of those problem areas. I do a number of the upper body rotation stretches in yoga so I was familiar with those, in some form anyway. I loved the wall work – it sure increases the stretch or changes it. I thought I would be more stiff the next day. I was a little sore later that evening – especially the hamstrings and quads. Thanks for doing the class.

B… D.D.S.

I would like to let you know, that of the four pilates teachers that I have had to date , (2 at X and one with Y), you are the best.

You are a great motivator, extremely well organized, educated in your field, accomodating, and a great teacher.

I have enjoyed your classes for the past 2 years and hope to continue as long as possible.



I first attended Patricia Blanchard’s Pilates class 1 August 2000 – and have been going ever since. Over the years, I have taken the following classes from Patricia:

- Pilates on the mat (progressing to Level 3)

- Pilates on the ball,

- Pilates using Thera-bands (to increase the degree of difficulty)

- Small ball release (using balls to do deep tissue self-massage)

- Pilates Wave Stretch (a unique technique for stretching and relaxation)

- Destresser-cises (targeting poor posture and problems common to office workers)

Patricia excels at teaching the exercises and correcting poor technique while making the class enjoyable and productive. She is continually advancing her knowledge so she is better able to help students address their various skeletal-muscular problems – as well as expand her repertoire of courses.

I have seen significant improvement in my core muscle conditioning and my posture – as well as in various skeletal problems.

Lion’s Gate Hospital

Re: Pilates Naturally and Patricia Blanchard

Several years ago, my family doctor recommended I start taking Pilates from Patricia as a way to be more aware of my body mechanics. I started taking Pilates from Patricia in 2005 and have continued pretty much uninterrupted since.

Since starting Pilates, I have embarked on longer and longer athletic endeavours such as marathons, Half Ironman triathlons and two Ironman Canada events. One advantage of my weekly Pilates class is that my well used muscles have a good stretch. I have learned how to access and use other muscles in my “core” instead of letting the bigger muscles do it all. Patricia is always watching us to make sure we are doing it right, without potential injury to ourselves and getting the most out of the action.

Patricia, herself, is committed to what she does, attending workshops and international events to learn new techniques, learn how others teach the materials and add new classes to the amazing choices already offered at all the North Vancouver Recreation Commission sites. Her interaction with clients is always professional, helpful, respectful. She knows when to push a client to the next level and recognizes when to leave them where they are but always with the client’s safety in mind.

I personally find the way the programs are offered to be very convenient. 4-6 week programs that allow the flexibility of doing a “make-up” class at a different time if you miss your class is an aspect that keeps me coming back for more. I can register for a particular session but if I want to try “Wave Stretch” or “Small Ball Release” I can do it as a make-up class or even drop-in. This is an advantage that really makes Patricia’s program an attractive way to participate in Pilates.


I am a 71 year old senior (retired 7 years ago) and have been taking Pilates classes (taught by Patricia Blanchard) since early 2005. I had back problems since I started my first job at age 17. I am pleased to report, that for the first time in my life, I am in control of my back. As required, I may seek treatments a few times a year. I was told that I had weak stomach muscles, later I realized that I had inherited scoliosis. Unfortunately none of the medical practitioners told me how to build strong stomach muscles, which I am now very proud of. I still continue to build muscles strength. I have always enjoyed high energy levels and delight in sharing my pilates experience.


"Having been a student of Patricia Blanchard's for some eight years, I can testify that her classes are highly effective and enjoyable. She is clearlycommitted to her teaching and students. She regularly upgrades her skills and shares this new learning with students. Patricia also makes our classes fun! Which in my experience is rare in fitness instructors. While I have tried many types of classes in my life, only Patricia's Pilates Naturally classes have kept me signing up with her again and again from year to year. She has my loyalty and that of many other students. I highly recommend that the rec Commission continue to contract with Patricia Blanchard and Pilates Naturally."


I have been home less than an hour after the small ball class and I feel awesome! I can sit on the throne without my leg hurting! I can run up and down the stairs again! I can remember to take it easy for a bit too. I work tomorrow. AND I will do my homework! Things happen, don't they?

PS Thanks again for the class. I thought I had congenital hip rot, that I was going to need hip replacements and a cane - major nightmare and sleepless nights. Not so. Thanks.


I was unloading the dishwasher knees bent, down on my low, when I got up my hip area did something super painful, feels like a pinched body part. So, a little guilty I decided to let it settle down, with ice, today much better. I am going to sign up for next week, Thurs. then sign up for the rest of my life…. I have been snowed in! Being nurse to my 87 mother in-law with Breast cancer, my business of 30 years slightly panicked, a good time to take Pilates, by the way you come highly recommended, apparently you know more about the body than any Dr, and the first Pilates teacher, see you soon


I’d like to say thank you for your help in dealing with my herniated L-4/5 disk in my back with your pilates instruction. When I started, & could not stand for long & only walk a block; & was scheduled for a spinal block to alleviate the pain. After just a couple of intro & small ball sessions I could feel a real improvement. Undoubtedly the Pensaide ant inflammatory from Dr ……. and daily massage has assisted, but I feel the key has been the pilates & the exercises that you showed me.

After finishing the last session, I will be canceling the spinal block; & of course continuing my daily exercises along with continuing your classes.


I thought you might like to hear this.

I just had a medical checkup, the regular thing we're supposed to have every year.

My height has been 5ft 3 3/4 in for the last 40 years, up to last year. To-day, I am 5ft 4 1/4 in tall. Why? PILATES ! ! !

If it does that, it must be doing other things. My doctor was very pleased. According to her, I am not only in better health than most of her patients, but improving. I guess I want to say thank you for whatever influence you have had on keeping me at it.

Take care

Dr E……

I had lower back problems for ages, but for the last two years--since I began Pilates--I haven't been to physiotherapy. Pilates has strengthened my core and improved my flexibility, so my back is better supported; I am stronger, slimmer, and actually 3/4 of an inch taller! I'm more in touch with my body and know how to massage out tightness before it becomes back pain because of Patricia's small ball class. Pilates changed my life, no exaggeration.